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Welcome to BC FORUM

The BC Federation of Retired Union Members – BC FORUM – serving the needs of both retired and active union members over the age of 50 throughout British Columbia.

Welcome to the BC FORUM website. Our organization allows retired and active union members over the age of 50 an opportunity to renew your social network of union members and realize savings in programs, services and products only possible through group negotiation.

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Current News & Events:

May, 2018 - Get your tickets today for the CoDev Annual Solidarity Dinner taking place on Saturday, June 2nd in Vancouver

April, 2018 - Good-bye to the discriminatory server wage - BCFED applauds commitment to end lower wages for liquor servers

April, 2018 - Spring 2018 issue of The Advocate now posted on-line

April, 2018 - SAVE THE DATE for BC FORUM’s Annual General Meeting: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

April, 2018 - Day of Mourning events taking place around the province on Saturday, April 28th

March, 2018 - BC FORUM President Diane Wood emails members about proportional representation *Updated April 20, 2018

March, 2018 - News from the Office of the Premier: New strategy will help more people get the surgeries they need faster

March, 2018 - BCFED calls for labour law reforms to remove barriers for workers to join unions

March, 2018 - Read the latest issue of the National Pensioners Federation newsletter.

February, 2018 - Join the PSAC Payroll Protest Rallies on February 28th. Find out more here.

February, 2018 - Save the Date for this year’s Miner’s Memorial Weekend Special Anniversary events, June 22nd to 24th: find out more here.

February, 2018 - Protein for People now “The Union Protein Project”

February, 2018 - Throne Speech builds solid foundation to make life better, more affordable for BC workers

February, 2018 - Government to cover prescriptions for lowest income earners

February, 2018 - BC Fair PharmaCare announcement: An important step towards fairness and affordability

February, 2018 - Three-year wait for $15 minimum wage disappointing, says BC Fed

February, 2018 - Vancouver Sun Opinion piece: “It’s time to fix BC’s broken democracy’

February, 2018 - Canada’s unions unite with employers, doctors and retirees to call for pharmacare

February, 2018 - Seniors activist Lorraine Logan passes away

February, 2018 - Appointment of new labour board chair, Jacquie de Aguayo, will restore fairness, balance at LRB says BC Fed

February, 2018 - Find out more about

February, 2018 - BC FORUM submits Poverty Reduction Strategy for Seniors to the BC government

February, 2018 - CUPE BC Newsletter: Shaking up the house, collective action leads to progressive change at PBC

January, 2018 - Injured workers will benefit from enhanced WCB funding for advocacy and support

January, 2018 - National Pensioners Federation seeking stories of aggressive sales practices to seniors by wireless, phone, internet and TV providers

January, 2018 - Critical worker shortages in seniors care drive recruitment campaign

January, 2018 - Pharmacare: A Plan for Everyone Town Hall meetings in Surrey & Vancouver taking place in February

December, 2017 - Read the National Pensioners Federation Newsletter published December 2017

December, 2017 - Stop Bill C-23 ILWU Rally Saturday December 16 in Vancouver

December, 2017 - Seniors Advocate releases 3rd Annual Report: Monitoring Seniors’ Services 2017

December, 2017 - Winter 2017 issue of The Advocate now available on-line

December, 2017 - Dinner Educational on Taking Action on Violence Against Women. Everyone welcome. Find out more here.

December, 2017 - End Violence Against Women Candle-light Vigil at Holland Park in Surrey December 6th


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Photo taken at the BC Health Coalition Regional Gathering/Oct. 2017 Conference & AGM. Agnes Jackman, BC FORUM Regional Rep. for Vancouver speaking and to her right, Barb Mikulec, BC FORUM Board Member.

Photo credit Josh Berson

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