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April, 2020



CLC president, Hassan Yussuff, delivers personal message
and invitation to survey


Our world has been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of us are still in shock, absorbing the rapid change to our way of life. We should all be self-isolating at home, as per the direction from our public health officials. During this tough time, we want to check in with you to see how you’re doing - and what our community can do together during this challenging time.

Will you take our supporter COVID survey to check-in?

Despite the social, economic, and political upheavals we are experiencing, many workers are still on the job. As I write to you now, workers providing essential services are still out in our communities, risking their own health to take care of all of us.

We owe an incredible debt of gratitude to all of these workers who are committed to fulfilling their duties at a time of great uncertainty.

Canada’s unions are proud to stand with each of these brave individuals, and with every worker in this country to help find a path forward that protects the well-being of everyone.

We are also grateful for the tireless leadership demonstrated by our elected officials in responding to this public health and economic emergency.

Here are a few of the things that the CLC has been working on to ensure that no worker is left behind in this crisis:

1. Calling for immediate protection of all workers;

2. Meeting with federal ministers to advise on how to financially support workers;

3. Fighting for urgent and radical changes to Employment Insurance (EI);

4. Providing timely information for workers affected by COVID;

5. Ensuring government support for our economy and industries protects workers’ jobs and wages;

6. Standing up for vulnerable workers;

7. Coordinating an international response on behalf of workers; and

8. Calling for rent, utility and credit card interest relief.

As we enter into even more uncertainty in the days ahead, Canada’s unions are doing what we have always done best – bringing working people together to build a better world where no one is left behind.

Please take a few minutes to check-in with us about how you’re doing so we can better work together to get through this.

Thank you for standing together with your fellow Canadians during this tough time.

Hassan Yussuff, President

Canadian Labour Congress, the national voice of Canada’s unions

Standing up for workers and their families



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