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March, 2017

Fraud prevention: Know how to protect yourself


March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. During the month, the BCSC is dedicated to raising awareness about fraud prevention. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing the utmost to protect yourself against fraud all year round.

This year, BCSC InvestRight created several resources that highlight some of the ways fraudsters may try to steal your money through investment scams.

Fraud warning signs, tools, and videos

Our Fraud Prevention Month 2017 page has links to resources that help investors recognize, reject, and report investment fraud. You’ll see articles, videos, and tools that have helped people identify scams and protect their money. View the page here:

Fraudster crooner – A fraud warning song

We created a Fraudster Crooner music video that covers some common scams and warning signs to watch for when someone approaches you with an investment. It’s meant to show how scammers and con artists think, as well as help investors avoid fraud.

Watch the video on our Fraud Prevention Month 2017 page.

Conduct a background check

Investors should always check their investment advisors’ registration, disciplinary history, and other important details before making an investment.

Visit the Conduct a Background Check page on InvestRight to see tips on how to start your research and what to look for when doing a search:

If you have questions about investing, or to report a scam, please contact BCSC inquiries at 1-800-373-6393 or

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