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BC FORUM News - Call for Action from the Dietitians of Canada, May, 2019



Call for Action from the Dietitians of Canada


Seek to have dietitian services included in your health benefit plan!




- every $1 invested in dietitian services saves $4 in drug costs

- they reduce health related lost productivity by up tp 64%

- they decrease disability days by up to 87%


Nutrition counselling by Dietitians can help you to:

A) reduce risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 70%

B) manage food allergies and intolerances

C) improve blood pressure, and blood glucose and cholesterol levels

D) achieve and maintain a healthier weight




- Contact your health benefit plan provider see if their plan coverage includes a registered dietitian.

- If it does, do you need a doctor’s referral; how much coverage do you have in a calendar year; and is the amount for each family member?

- Do you have a health spending account and if so, can it be used for dietitian services?


The above information is courtesy of the Dietitians of Canada. Please visit their website at for more information.


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