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New government will work for working people in BC, says BCFED


July 18, 2017, Victoria - After today’s transfer of power and swearing in of a new premier and cabinet, “British Columbia has a new government led by Premier John Horgan that will work for working people for the first time in 16 years,” says BC Federation of Labour President Irene Lanzinger.

“For far too long we’ve had a government that works for people at the top,” Lanzinger says.

“But today starts a new era with a new government that will act to deal with the real issues facing working people in BC like affordability, good-paying jobs, an economy that works for everyone, and improved public services like childcare, health, and skills training.”

Lanzinger, who attended the swearing-in ceremony today at Government House in Victoria, says she’s impressed by the cabinet team appointed by Premier Horgan. “They are a diverse and dynamic group who together with the NDP caucus will bring great energy and passion to implementing the change that’s so badly needed in our province.”

The announcement of a dedicated Ministry of Labour led by the new Minister Harry Bains is a positive sign that the new government is committed to address the priority issues of working people, she says.

“Harry Bains knows the issues that working people face,” says Lanzinger. “We’re looking forward to working together for a $15 minimum wage to lift 500,000 low-paid workers above the poverty line, improved health and safety rules, better protections for non-union workers, and improvements in apprenticeship training so that young people can truly benefit from well-paying skilled jobs.”


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