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September, 2020


Let’s talk about medication safety in an online world. In our new pandemic reality, a lot of patients and health professionals now connect virtually. Be it by phone, videoconference or in person, members of the Canadian Deprescribing Network, the public and health professionals continue to share important discussions on the safe use of medications and deprescribing.

To help you do just that, we are proud to share three brand new online resources:

1. Browse our patient brochure on gabapentin and pregabalin

2. Check out our article on prescribing cascades

3. Read our article on anticholinergic medications

Please share these new resources with your friends, colleagues and/or patients!


Don’t miss these upcoming webinars brought to you by the
UBC Therapeutics Initiative!


“We” Should Really Stop that PPI, eh? 

A practical ‘how to’ session featuring pharmacist-led initiatives that reduced PPI use in long term care by 50%!

Wednesday, September 16th @ 12PM PDT. Register here.


Careful & Kind Diabetes Care

A webinar with Dr. Victor Montori, co-developer of the concept of “minimally disruptive medicine” to advance patient goals for health care and life.

Wednesday, September 23rd @ 7PM PDT. Register here.


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