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Posted April, 2020

National Pensioners Federation ramping up Pension Protection campaign - JOIN TODAY!

Download and read letter here.

From Trish McAuliffe, President, National Pensioners Federation, April 14, 2020:

As Governments around the world gear up various relief packages for corporations and provide billions of dollars in economic relief, we remain concerned for the wellbeing of our Pension Plans here in Canada.  


The COVID-19 pandemic and global oil price war have set a path almost certainly to result in a global economic downturn. It is very likely there will be a surge in insolvencies with resultant pension failures. It is time to once again ramp up our Pension Protection Campaign thoroughly endorsed by our coalition partners during the previous federal election. We did get a modest recognition of our concerns addressed in Bill C-97 but it did not go far enough in protections as we would have liked. 


Today once again with our advocacy groups we sent an urgent letter to the PM Justin Trudeau and federal government Minister of Finance and Minister of Seniors. Please review the attached memo, share and consider sending a letter yourself.


To date, with our coalition partners we have made contact on this issue with the federal Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Seniors. We are being heard and will keep you posted. Please join us. 


The Pension Protection material and today’s letter is posted to our website.



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