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February, 2018

Protein for People now The Union Protein Project

John Radosevic of Protein for People has advised the proganization has undergne a name change and new branding. In an email sent to BC FORUM this month, Brother Radosevic wote:

“Many of you were aware Protein for People was changing its name and logo, but for those who weren’t, our new name is “The Union Protein Project”.

After considerable discussion in the Executive and our Affiliate Council, we decided our old name and logo no longer suited our needs, especially considering that we’re planning to expand to other provinces where we are not as well known. 

Our old salmon logo worked well for the years we offered salmon only, but we now also offer food banks peanut butter and tuna.  Likewise, our old name wasn’t clear about what we do and who we actually are: namely, a union owned and operated community project.

Our new name and logo addresses both elements. We look forward to continued success with a new look and new products, on behalf of the labour movement and its partners in the community.”


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