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BC FORUM News - From The Advocate, Spring, 2020


On our 25th anniversary we’ve only just begun

by Ken Georgetti
Former President of the BC Federation of Labour
and the first Chair of the BC Federation of Retired Union Members’
Board of Directors


Twenty five years ago the baby boom generation started to retire from our ranks. All these great union activists, staff and elected officers took their considerable experience and skills with them into retirement.

I spoke to the heads of unions, about an idea to “re-organize” our retiree activists and use their considerable skills for political activities and campaigns. After all, what a benefit it would be to have experienced organizers available (without the distraction of their workplace) for our campaigns.

The BC Federation officers agreed wholeheartedly, and to kick it off their unions would give a gift to retiring activists: their first year membership in BC FORUM. Many of the BCFed affiliates still do that to this day. Working Enterprises provided the seed funding and an annual operating grant and still does through Working Enterprises Consulting and Benefits.

Obviously the “experiment” worked. BC FORUM has been actively campaigning to improve the lives of all British Columbians. They also provide group benefits to those members who have either lost them in their retirement or need extra coverage.

I knew the day would come when I too would be a member of BC FORUM and I enjoy reading the Advocate and the great work the Board is doing stepping up and organizing on the key issues of the day. Advocating for social justice is in our blood, it’s a way of life and it doesn’t go away when we retire from our workplaces. BC FORUM has proven that after twenty five years. I am grateful for the countless hours of volunteer work contributed by the Forum Board and activists.


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