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Summer 2021 issue of BC FORUM’s news magazine,
The Advocate


Download the Summer 2021 issue of The Advocate here.


A selection of articles from the Summer 2021 issue of The Advocate:


• PRESIDENT’S REPORT: A spotlight on the challenges we face, by Diane Wood

• Lack of dental care leaves a big hole, by Hasan Sheikh and Brendan Doucet

• Budget helps people immediately, supports post-pandemic recovery

• Federal budget makes progress in some areas, falls short in others

• Streamlined program provides help with home adaptations for independent living, by Brenda Mikulec, COSCO BC’s Housing Committee Chair

• The long and bumpy road to better, more affordable car insurance, by Soren Bech, Editor, The Advocate


For past issues of The Advocate, please click here.


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