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The Advocate is BC FORUM’s membership newsletter, published four times a year.


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March, 2018 - BC FORUM President Diane Wood emails members about proportional representation

March, 2018 - News from the Office of the Premier: New strategy will help more people get the surgeries they need faster

March, 2018 - BCFED calls for labour law reforms to remove barriers for workers to join unions

March, 2018 - Read the latest issue of the National Pensioners Federation newsletter.

February, 2018: Protein for People now “The Union Protein Project”

February, 2018: Throne Speech builds solid foundation to make life better, more affordable for BC workers

February, 2018: Government to cover prescriptions for lowest income earners

February, 2018 - BC Fair PharmaCare announcement:
An important step towards fairness and affordability

February, 2018 - Canada’s unions unite with employers, doctors and retirees to call for pharmacare

February, 2018 - Seniors activist Lorraine Logan passes away

February, 2018 - BC FORUM submits Poverty Reduction Strategy for Seniors to the BC government

February, 2018 - Appointment of new labour board chair, Jacquie de Aguayo, will restore fairness, balance at LRB says BC Fed

January, 2018 - Injured workers will benefit from enhanced WCB funding for advocacy and support

January, 2018 - Critical worker shortages in seniors care drive recruitment campaign

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