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The Advocate is BC FORUM’s membership newsletter, published four times a year.


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April, 2020 - New emergency supports for province’s most vulnerable

April, 2020 - If you are a caregiver, sign up for Family Caregivers of BC news to find out more about important resources. Read this month’s news headlines here.

April, 2020 - COVID-19: CLC president, Hassan Yussuff, delivers personal message and invitation to survey

March, 2020 - BC FORUM message about the closure of Service Canada’s offices

March, 2020 - A message from the Canadian Medical Association - help flatten the curve and keep Canadians safe

March, 2020 - Are you at high risk for severe illness?

March, 2020 - National Pensioners Federation publishes March, 2020, newsletter

February, 2020 - Hundreds of activists bring union priorities to the Hill

February, 2020 - Personalized medication plans offered at UBC Pharmacists Clinic

February, 2020 - Spring 2020 issue of The Advocate now available on-line

February, 2020 - WE publishes new Benefits brochure for BC FORUM members - download here

February, 2020 - Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC) publishes February newsletter

February, 2020 - BC’s Seniors Advocate releases report on provincial review of contracted long-term care sector

February, 2020 - Premier appoints parliamentary secretary for seniors

January, 2020 - Activist group issues press release on Island Health hospital parking lot statistics

December, 2019 - CURC publishes December 2019 newsletter, now available for download

December, 2019 - BC Seniors Advocate releases annual report “Monitoring Seniors Services” for 2018/2019

December, 2019 - Winter 2019 edition of The Advocate now available on-line

December, 2019 - Sister Marion Pollack, BC FORUM Board member, is the CLC’s 2019 Carol McGregor Disability Rights Award winner

December, 2019 - BC FORUM adds new Benefit Plan option, the “Platinum Plan”

November, 2019 - BC FORUM supports continuation and extension of BC Hydro Customer Crisis Fund

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