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May Day Celebration and Banquet in Prince George on May 1st

When: 6:30pm, Saturday, May 1st

Where: Coast Inn of the North, Prince George, BC

Fee: $20 per person (includes full course dinner)


PRINCE GEORGE, BC. A May Day (International Working Class Day) celebration and banquet is being organized in Prince George on Saturday, May 1, at 6:30pm at the Coast Inn of the North.

The event is organized by the May Day Organizing Committee, which is a recently-formed group made up of volunteers from Prince George and Mackenzie who belong to a variety of trade unions and employee associations in the region. The celebration will consist of a banquet with full course dinner, labour songs, presentations, and discussion on the issues facing workers and communities.

The organizers of the event believe that it is important to have a May Day celebration this year, given that across the province and country, and around the world, the burden of the current economic and financial crisis is being shoved onto the backs of workers and communities through mill and factory closures, layoffs, wage concessions, tax increases, and the cutting of health, education and social services.

All of this is taking place after massive and unprecedented bailouts of the very financial institutions that triggered the crisis, as well as huge handouts to large corporations in the form of “stimulus packages” and other schemes.

In this context, organizers feel that it is vital that there be a strong, united workers’ opposition in this region and throughout the province that stands up for itself, as well as other sectors of the community such as youth, seniors, native people, the unemployed and others, and that fights for its own aims and solutions to the problems facing society.

Labour acting on nature is the source of all wealth. All sectors of workers – whether private or public, service or manufacturing – contribute to the creation of society’s wealth and are vital for the economy. Thus, it is important for this May 1st that workers in British Columbia and Canada stand together, as well as in solidarity with workers everywhere.

The May Day Organizing Committee invites all workers from the region, as well as people from other walks of life, to attend this banquet and celebration.


Sponsoring organizations: United Steelworkers, Local 1-424;
Faculty Association of CNC; Canadian Union of Postal Workers;
Prince George & District Labour Council;
Canadian Union Of Public Employees; (other organizations to confirm).


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