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“Slow Medicine: Improving Care for Elders and Families” with Dennis McCullough, MD


Monday, November 26, 2012 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


SFU Vancouver, Room 1400


Dr. McCullough is one of many medical professionals who have come to recognize that the current healthcare system swings between inflicting on the elderly too little care (not spending enough time asking questions & listening) and too much care (recommending invasive diagnostic tests and treatments that may be inadvisable for someone who is frail or battling multiple ailments).

It's a system, he and others have concluded, that is expensive, inefficient, and not particularly humane. “Care is what matters,” McCullough says, “not intervention”.

A half‐hour question period will follow the one‐hour presentation.

Admission: Free and open to anyone of any age


Dennis McCullough, MD, is a Geriatrician (Dartmouth Medical School) and author of My Mother, Your Mother.


SFU Seniors Program

UBC Dept. of Family Practice: Division of Community Geriatrics

BC Assoc. of Geriatric Physicians (Education Fund)



Phone: 778-782-8000


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