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12th Annual Codev World Community Film Festival - Labour Films


Friday, February 15, 2013 to Sunday, February 17, 2013


Langara College
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Recommended Labour Films:

The End of Immigration, sponsored by the United Food & Commercial Workers
Saturday at 4:30 pm

In Canada, when we think of “temporary workers” the image that comes to mind are the seasonal agricultural workers who have been working in our fields for the past 40 years, or the live-in nannies and maids from the Philippines. But these days, temporary foreign workers are found in all sectors: fast food, service stations, city bus drivers. Canada appears to be taking its cue from places like Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia that run on temporary foreign workers. The documentary uncovers a trend which is having a profound impact on the society in which we live, where there will be citizens with full rights, and ‘rent-a-workers’ with few or none. Is this the kind of society we want to build?


Shift Change: Putting Democracy to Work, sponsored by Village Vancouver
Saturday at 1:15 pm

Shift Change tells the little known stories of employee-owned businesses that compete successfully in today’s economy while providing secure, dignified jobs in democratic workplaces. With the economic crisis, millions have been thrown out of work and many are losing their homes. Some citizens and public officials are ready to think outside of the box, to reinvent economies in order to restore long term community stability and a more egalitarian way of life. There is growing interest in firms that are owned and managed by their workers. Such firms tend to be more profitable and innovative, and more committed to the communities where they are based. This film takes us to the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation that, since the 1950s, has transformed a depressed area of Spain into one of the most productive in Europe with a high standard of living and an egalitarian way of life. In various parts of the US, we visit green industry cooperatives, co-op bakeries and Equal Exchange, one of the largest roasters of fair trade coffee in the world.


Defending Grant's Law
Sunday, February 17 at noon

Grant’s Law was created to protect late night workers after Grant De Patie was killed in late night gas station robbery.  However, the BC Government, under pressure from some convenience-store chains recently changed the law.  In this video, three activists express their concern that the changes put late night workers at risk.


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