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Name of Event:

Practical technologies that can enable ageing in place, presented by the National Institute on Ageing

When & Where:

Zoom webinar - register here.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 from noon till 1:00 pm


Older Canadians want to maintain their independence as they age and the majority also want to live at home for a long as possible. To enable safe and healthy ageing in place, it is vital for older adults, their loved ones and caregivers to understand and prepare for the risk of falls, and other medical or health emergencies that can occur at home.


Through our work, the NIA has found that older adults and their families are open to receiving advice on how to age well in their own homes. However, they are not typically asking their primary health care providers for strategies to ensure their homes are comfortable and safe. In addition, many health care providers are not aware of the rapidly evolving technological solutions that can support patients to age in place. 


On November 16, Dr. Samir Sinha will present the November Sinai Health/UHN Healthy Ageing 101 Webinar on “Practical Technologies that can Enable Ageing in Place”. The purpose of the webinar will be to: 

1 Understand the risks and impacts of at-home medical emergencies

2 Appreciate why older Canadians want to age in place now more than ever before

3 Understand the practical technologies that can enable ageing in place


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