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Lively AGM speaks out on key issues facing retired workers

Members debated and adopted a wide range of resolutions


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June 14, 2013 - About 100 members attended BC FORUM’s 2013 Annual General Meeting, held June 12 in Burnaby.

The members heard from several speakers, including Pat Kerwin, President of the Congress of Union Retirees of Canada (CURC). A video of his speech is available to view here.

Janine Farrell, Seniors Care Researcher of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, described the challenges facing BC seniors who are hoping to age in place. Farrell told the gathering that access to home support has been cut by 30 percent by the BC Liberals.

In addition, she said, the government has fully implemented only four of 179 recommendations made by the BC Ombudsperson to improve community care for retired workers. Farrell described the Ombudsperson’s report, which took four years to complete, as the most extensive report ever prepared by the Ombudsperson.

Irene Lanzinger, Secretary Treasurer of the BC Federation of Labour, brought greetings from the federation. She thanked BC FORUM for its advocacy on seniors’ care, poverty, and equality. Lanzinger criticized right-wing governments, both federally and provincially, for their continuing attacks on unions and ordinary people. She noted that it’s never been more important for unions and activists to fight for social justice.

The members adopted the BC FORUM Board of Directors’ report on activities during the past year.

The full report is available here.

Members also debated and adopted six resolutions, two of which were amended on the floor.

The resolutions that were adopted:

• Demanded that the Harper government maintaining the Health Council of Canada, and reverse its plans to cut $60 billion from the federal contribution to public health care.

Download full resolution here.

• Called on the provincial government to create a truly independent Seniors’ Advocate with a priority focus on combating elder abuse.

Download full resolution here.

• Called on the provincial government to restore full funding to the Therapeutics Initiative, an independent watchdog that helps ensure prescription drugs are safe and affordable.

Download full resolution here.

• Declared support for defined benefit pension plans that provide retirement income security for workers.

Download full resolution here.

• Supported unions that are working to maintain and expand post-retirement health care benefits.

Download full resolution here.

• Committed BC FORUM to fight privatization and advocate for a universal public postal service.

Download full resolution here.


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