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BC FORUM members encouraged to TAKE ACTION
to support expansion of Canada Pension plan as
BC gov’t delays signing agreement


Read the letter BC FORUM has sent to Premier Christy Clark


August 25, 2016


VancouverBC FORUM president Diane Wood has sent an email to members encouraging them to take action to support the modest expansion of the Canada Pension Plan as the BC government missed the deadline to sign on to the agreement and is now seeking “feedback” from British Columbians:


Please take action and pass on re: BC Government backing away from the support for CPP enhancement which would then destroy the entire deal for Canada. The CPP enhancement may not help us all but it will sure help our younger colleagues, our kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews. It does, however require your attention very soon. Note that 80% of the cost of the increased benefit is paid for by investment income. This will save money in the long run because it will decrease the need for GIS which is paid from current operating funds. 


The provincial governments, with the exception of Manitoba and Quebec, agreed to enhance Canada Pension Plan benefits. BC’s participation is essential to make sure the agreement meets the population requirements for amending the CPP. BC has now slowed down the actual signing of the detailed agreement. They did though sign the agreement in principle and are holding a public engagement. Unfortunately, this will give those organizations that oppose the CPP enhancement a stage for their propaganda (CFIB, Fraser Institute, Canadian Taxpayers Federation, etc). The labour movement and ordinary workers who will benefit from this increase in pension at retirement must also become engaged and let the BC Government know that they support this retirement security enhancement.


The following BC Government websites have material that is basically supportive of the CPP enhancement. Anyone can take a quick look and write an email to support the enhancement. The more citizens that write in, the greater the impact on this engagement process being used by the BC Government. My fear is that the BC Government may be yielding to pressure from these organizations to back away from the agreement, which would then terminate the whole deal. The government will hear from those organizations opposed to the enhancements very soon and may then shut down the website, so sooner responses are better. Individual emails are just as effective as long submissions. Please respond soon.


This is the email address for response to the BC Government engagement. A simple email is all that is required to counter act the comments and attacks by those above organizations. These websites and email addresses are very hard to find on the government website.


Please share this email with your friends, family, members, colleagues and other employees.


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