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September, 2019


Statement from BC FORUM on the International Day of
Older Persons October 1st 2019


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BC government proclaims October 1st 2019 the International Day of Older Persons in the Province of British Columbia


Read article by Agnes Jackman, BC FORUM Regional Rep here.



October 1st is the United Nations International Day of Older Persons. Around the globe, people will be marking this day by honouring the contributions of older persons.

The theme of the 2019 United Nations International Day of Older Persons is “the journey to age equality”.

For seniors, our ability to enjoy and participate in all aspects of life are tied into issues being debated and discussed in the upcoming federal election.


Fair Pharmacare

Seniors need the right to be able to maintain our health. Too often seniors are being forced to choose between buying groceries and purchasing needed prescription drugs. This is why seniors should vote for candidates and parties who support a Universal, Public, Single Payer National Pharmacare Plan.


Secure Retirement

Seniors need the right to a secure environment. We have seen many people, including Sears workers; lose their pension plans and benefits when their companies went bankrupt. We know many seniors were unduly stressed about having their Defined Benefit Pension Plans arbitrarily changed to Target Benefit Pension Plans. We don’t want seniors to worry that once again the age of eligibility for both the Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security may be increased. On October 21, the Federal Election date, please vote to protect pensions.


Inclusion and Dignity

All seniors have a right to live in dignity. Like everyone else seniors need a government that challenges hate and intolerance in all its forms. On October 21 vote for inclusion.


Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is essential to our sense of dignity, safety, and our ability to stay active and involved in our communities. Too many seniors are living in inadequate housing. Too many seniors worry about being able to afford their housing. We need a Federal Government that will take real steps to tackle the housing crisis. On October 21, vote for affordable housing.


On October 1, 2019 celebrate the United Nations International Day of Older Persons. Twenty days later, follow up this celebration by voting in the Federal Election for fairness and dignity for seniors.


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