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BC FORUM News - From The Advocate, Autumn 2020


In times of crisis, public services
like Canada Post are vital

By Marion Pollack

In late March, April, and May 2020 many of our streets were empty as people were taking measures to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

But, on a daily basis, we saw Canada Post letter carriers and those familiar red white and blue Canada Post vehicles walking and driving in our neighbourhoods.

COVID-19 showed how important a public universal mail service is to Canadians.

Canada Post continued to operate in the pandemic and postal workers continued to process and deliver mail.

COVID-19 showed how important a public universal mail service is to Canadians. While many of us did not like receiving bills in the mail, we appreciated receiving letters and parcels.

The sheer number of parcels delivered by postal workers grew and grew.

If we could not go to the store to buy masks, get prescriptions, purchase books, and other necessities of life, we ordered them online. And a huge number of these items were delivered by Canada Post employees.

Canada Post is a necessary part of the infrastructure of our society.

Its services saved many businesses from closing down. Retail stores that physically closed down due to COVID-19 switched to online services. And Canada Post workers were there to connect you.

Many of us self-isolated to protect our health, but we recognized that we still needed to link to the outside world. We relied on Canada Post to do that.

This pandemic showed us that we need to protect, maintain, and expand public postal services.

If Canada Post provided postal banking during this pandemic, many of us would have found it easier to meet our banking needs.

If Canada Post had provided a service to check on isolated seniors, similar to services provided by post offices in other countries, both we and our families may have felt less anxious.

Next time you see someone delivering your mail, thank them and remind yourself that a public post office is needed more than ever.


Marion Pollack is a member of the BC FORUM Board of Directors.


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