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The Advocate is BC FORUM's membership newsletter, published four times a year.



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May, 2022 - Take Action Today! Pensioners deserve protection

May, 2022 - Every Canadian should have a family doctor... from the Globe & Mail

May, 2022 - BC FORUM welcomes new Executive Board

May, 2022 - Spring 2022 issue of The Advocate now available online

May, 2022 - Trade unions and peace campaigners call for Ukraine cease fire on day of liberation

May, 2022 - BC Gov't News: Dismantling systemic racism

February, 2022 - Public health care advocates support targeted federal spending boosts for provinces

January, 2022 - Lower drug prices are a priority for Canadians, not the federal government

January, 2022 - Forward Together, newsletter from Bea Bruske, CLC President

January, 2022- Updates from the Seniors Advocate, January, 2022

January, 2022 - PM mandates health minister Duclos to advance pharmacare

January, 2022 - COVID-19 support for individuals and families

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