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March, 2012 issue of The Advocate


Download March 2012 issue of The Advocate here.

A selection of articles from this issue of The Advocate:

Mr. Harper goes to Davos

In a foreign land, Harper springs an HST-scale surprise on struggling seniors

Unraveling the social contract

Editorial by BC FORUM President Gerry Edwards

Call to action mostly ignored

Ombudsperson calls for action - government tells seniors to keep waiting

“The scope of CETA is mind-boggling”

“It's been an operation of run silent and run deep, and I fear it's pretty much a done deal.” - Diane Wood, BC FORUM Director



Are our pensions truly unsustainable?

Federal budget watchdog finds no reason to change OAS

It's all about choices

The government is planning to cut public pensions is also planning to spend $30 billion on F-35 stealth fighter jets

Fair is fair in pension plans

OAS is Canada's most basic safety net

Union retirees condemn Harpers’ attack on seniors

“Such a change... should have been proposed in an election campaign.”


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