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BC FORUM NEWS Archives - 2016

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Archived News 2016:

December, 2016 - Winter 2016 issue of the Advocate, BC FORUM’s newsletter, now available ONLINE

December, 2016 - Fraser Institute report highlights benefits of union membership

December, 2016 - Trudeau to meet with provincial and territorial leaders to talk health care this week: SEND A LETTER TODAY

November, 2015 - Canadian Deprescribing Network aims to reduce prescription drug use

November, 2016 - Canada’s unions call anti-pension bill C-27 a betrayal

November, 2016 - Stephen Lewis Foundation issues Fall 2016 Newsletter “Grassroots”

October, 2016 - Vancouver Town Hall Meeting: Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Bad Deal for Canada; taking place on Tuesday, November 22, 2016, at the Hilton Vancouver Metrotown Hotel in Burnaby

October, 2016 - Watch the Fight for $15 Minimum Wage video here

October, 2016 - Canadian Medical Association’s “Demand-A-Plan” recommends actions to improve seniors care in Canada

October, 2016 - BC Fed calls for good jobs, good wages action plan

September, 2016 - October 1st is the International Day of Older Persons

September, 2016 - BC Health Coalition needs your signatures for important petitions!!

September, 2016 - Trudeau Liberals’ temporary foreign worker changes favour employers: BC Federation of Labour

September, 2016 - Horgan plan will break transportation gridlock in Lower Mainland: BC Federation of Labour

September, 2016 - Small increase in minimum wage will leave 500,000 BC workers earning poverty wages: BC Federation of Labour

September, 2016 - Pharmacare 2020: The Future of Drug Coverage in Canada

August, 2016 - BC FORUM supports CURC’s National Pharmacare submission and pens letter to Federal Minister

August, 2016 - Autumn issue of the Advocate, BC FORUM’s newsletter, now available online

August, 2016 - CBC reports: “Ottawa’s for-profit health care battle comes with dire warnings”

August, 2016 - BC FORUM writes letter to Christy Clark to support CPP expansion

July 2016 - July, 2016 - Stats Canada Income Data Good for BC Families… Bad News for BC Seniors: Office of the Seniors Advocate

July, 2016 - BC Fed seeks removal of Canada Post CEO in letter to Prime Minister *updated July 13, 2016

June, 2016 - BC FORUM AGM 2016: Working together for progressive change

June, 2016 - David Suzuki Foundation report shines light on BC government’s history of transit underfunding

June, 2016 - BC Seniors Advocate encourages seniors to access BC Property Tax Deferment Program

May, 2016 - Province-wide survey of residential care residents launched by the Office of the Seniors Advocate

May, 2016 - CCPA releases report: “Reducing Surgical Wait Times, The Case for Public Innovation and Provincial Leadership”

May, 2016 - BC Liberal government still not listening on needed minimum wage hikes, says Irene Lanzinger, BC Federation of Labour

April, 2016 - Federal Health Minister out of touch with the realities of prescription drug coverage in Canada - news release from the Canadian Health Coalition

April, 2016 - issues on-line newsletter: Volume 7, Issue 4, featuring the updated 11th Edition of the BC Seniors Guide

April 2016 - Spring 2016 issue of The Advocate now available on-line

April, 2016 - BC now has lowest minimum wage in the country

March, 2016 - From the BC Health Coalition: Towards a new Health Accord! Share the letter today

March, 2016 - issues latest on-line newsletter: Volume 7, Issue 3, featuring updated information about MSP Assistance

March, 2016 - National Pensioners Federation issues March 2016 newsletter

March, 2016 - BC FORUM asks Prime Minister Trudeau to permanently restore Canada Post’s home mail delivery

February, 2016 - CCPA analyses BC Budget 2016

February, 2016 - BC New Democrats say MSP premiums are an unfair tax

February, 2016 - Share your priorities for Canada’s 2016 federal budget: February 16 to 19, 2016!! Deadline for written submissions Feb. 19 - FIND OUT MORE HERE

January, 2016 - BC’s Seniors’ Advocate releases first comprehensive report Monitoring Seniors’ Services and announces systemic review of resident on resident aggression in licensed care

January 2016 - Residential Care Policy for Client Wheelchairs updated

January, 2016 - Download and read the January 2016 newsletter from the Office of the Seniors Advocate

January, 2016 - BC Health Coalition seeks your support to scrap MSP premiums

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