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BC FORUM Members in Action! 2019

BC FORUM members in action at union and community events

BC FORUM encourages members to take action on issues of importance - then let us know what you’ve done! Letters to the Editor, articles you have had published or any media you may have been involved with - send us a link or a copy of what you’ve done and we will list them here!

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Members in Action 2009


At BC FORUM booth with Gudrun Langlof, President, Council of Senior Citizen Organizations of BC (COSCO) at Health Sciences Association (HSA) convention April 4.


At HSA Convention BC FORUM booth getting signatures for NDP MP Don Davies petition to establish a universal dental care program. Vinita Puri, HSA delegate, pictured with Diane Wood, President, BC FORUM.



At the BC FORUM booth at the United Steelworkers 54th Annual National Policy Conference in Vancouver BC in April, Board Members Fred Girling and Bill Silvester had a visit from Jagmeet Singh, Leader of the Federal NDP and recently elected MP for Burnaby South.



Premier John Horgan joined with BC FORUM for a photo opportunity at the Building Trades Convention in Victoria in early March. From left are Phil Bailey, Betty McKnight, Anne Bailey, Premier Horgan, Russ St. Eloi (BC FORUM Board member).



Protect earned pensions

This e-petition to the Government of Canada is open until April 9, 2019.



BC FORUM booth at the CLC Winter School, January/19, at Harrison Hot Springs; from left are Bill Silvester, BC FORUM Board member and John Hooker, BC FORUM Regional Rep. and New Westminster & District Labour Council delegate.

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